Working Out No Weight Loss

Are you tired of working out and not getting the results you think you deserve? You are sweating like a mad woman everyday, every workout but still are having little to show for it? If this sounds like you then here are some of the mistakes we have found many women just like you are making that could be holding you back.

Let’s face it, you think you have tried everything. From yoga workouts, exercise videos, extra protein, muscle supplements, and even doing two workouts a day. So if you have been spending hours on the stationary bikes, running for miles, working out like a beast and still not seeing results we understand if you feel like giving up. But don’t!

When none of the things you are doing seem to work we know that can be discouraging. The good news is that there is usually a reason for that plateau not breaking. Below are a few reasons we have seen work to help make those workouts work. Let’s get those results from your workout you’ve been wanting.

Follow a Good Workout Program

Sure you have been working out and sweating, but have you been following a good plan? Good results come from good workout plans. Do you have one? Are you following it? It’s not enough to just hop on the bike and think I got this if you’ve never done cycling. Just going to a class here and there is better than nothing but sooner than later your body will get used to it.

Not having a good workout and meal plan could be one of the main reasons you could be struggling with your weight loss right now. Not having a workout program is like without directions to some place you have never been before. Eventually you might get there after getting lost and losing a lot of time. But how long did it take? How many times did you get lost? How many times did you have to stop and ask directions? And how frustrated were you the entire time?

For those women who are following a plan, how long have you been doing that current plan? It could be that you now need a new plan since you have reached a plateau with the current one. Maybe changing up the plan so that you are lifting heavier or mixing in light workouts with medium days. Bottom line is you should see results from your workouts over time. Nothing happens overnight.

Just Too Much Stress

We don’t really think about or talk about this enough but your mind is a major key for everything. Getting the results you want from working out isn’t going to happen if you are stressed out. With it be stress from work, school, relationships, or other anxieties, your stress levels can and will affect your results.

The relationship between stress, muscle growth and weight loss are all tied to your fight or flight nervous system. When you are stressed your body produces hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Now this is great if you are being chased by an angry dog or another type of dangerous situation. These hormones help to increase your heart rate and temporarily boost your energy.

This is very helpful in a short term situation however if the stress level is prolonged the benefits are outweighed by the effects. When you are stressed long term these same hormones will prevent weight loss, muscle growth and even deplete your energy reserves. Things such as yoga, meditation, even just talking to someone about your problems can help you lower stress.

Stress can also cause anxiety, headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, and even weight gain. Many hear about stress causing someone to lose weight but for some stress causes you to eat more and lose sleep.

Not Sleeping Enough

Yes you guessed it, you just are getting enough “GOOD” sleep. For many women getting a good night’s sleep is just so hard to do. Whether it’s the sound of the phone, email, texts, kids waking up or even the spouse snoring. If you are not getting enough sleep then your body isn’t recovering and it’s allowed to build muscle.

It happens to so many women. The horrible cycle that persists and you don’t even know what’s going on. Think about it like this. You had a bad night’s sleep and are feeling sleepy at work. So you grab your favorite cup or cups of coffee and a snack for some energy. 

After work you are just feeling so tired that you skip working out and figure why not do takeout to save some time. Before you know it, its time for bed but by now you aren’t really tired. You stay up looking at some TV and the vicious cycle starts all over again. 

When you aren’t getting the right amounts of sleep you tend to grab foods that give you energy boost and tend to contain more added sugar. That added sugar adds weight to your waistline and the sleep deprivation causes you to eat more and more comfort food. 

Not getting enough sleep every night adds up. Before you know it you need to crash. And while you may be able to fight it off you do so by consistently eating and drinking foods that just cause the extra unwanted pounds.

Eat More Wholesome Foods

Are you trying to lose weight and think that not eating is the key? We find that a lot of women will go without eating thinking this will help me lose weight faster. Did you know that it is possible to gain weight by not eating enough? Under-eating while training/working out  will prevent muscles from recovering as well.

Your body needs fuel to workout and build up. So many women make the mistake of under-eating and think that dieting will be better when working out. The fact is that you need to eat more whole foods and a lot less processed foods. Stop ordering takeout or frozen meals. Take time to cook dinner. Give your body the carbs you need to build muscle and repair.

Not Keeping Track / Not Pacing Yourself

This is more of a two for one. For many, losing weight is the end goal but there is no planning and no other work wanting to be done. Though we have seen that some of the easiest ways to lose weight is to make sure you are tracking your progress. Not just weight loss but also how often you went to the gym, how much you are eating, what you are eating, etc. 

By keeping track of your food intake and calories its easy to adjust if you need to. So if you feel like you don’t have enough energy for good workouts you can increase areas as needed. If you didn’t lose any weight over the last two weeks you can look at the plan and see did you miss any days, did you eat too much and adjust.

If you are not losing weight you could try weighing the food and tracking your calories. You could also be hurting yourself in the weight loss department because you are just not pacing yourself. When you are weight training you have to take your time. Every time you workout you are going to need time to recover and build back up.

When you damage your muscles, depending on the muscle it could take days or weeks for it to fully repair. So take it easy and pace yourself. 

There you have it! Just a few simple reasons you may not be losing weight even though you are working out. Make sure you cut back on the alcohol and drink plenty of water. Have some realistic expectations of what you should and can lose. Not everyone is going to lose 3-5 pounds per week.