women at beach

With summer right around the corner, the thought of putting on a bathing suit keeps you up at night. You want to look great for your trip to that beach vacation resort you’ve been dying to visit. Your excitement is replaced by sheer panic when you realize that your body is not ready.

No need to worry! If you start early and stick to a plan, you will be able to get that sexy beach body in no time! Here are some quick tips on how to lose weight quickly so you can show off that new, toned summer body on your next beach vacation.

You Need To Have DESIRE and WILL

Losing weight is as much mental as exercising and dieting.  You have to get over all the past failures and excuses you made and possess the desire and will to make a change and get in shape.  Once you have committed yourself to losing weight you need to think about what goals you want to achieve.  As you figure out what goals you have, write them down.

I have found that for most people keeping a journal helps them track and be accountable for the things they eat and making sure they workout.  Getting a sexy figure and weight loss is not just about having a goal and starting it’s about the WILL and DESIRE to achieve them.  You have to stick with your plan and stay motivated.


I see so often that not being realistic is one of the main reasons people lose their WILL and DESIRE to lose weight.  I know you want results and want them fast but you have to also keep in mind exactly what’s attainable.  Is it possible to lose 20lbs in a week?  Possibly if you are 100+ pounds overweight, don’t work, and are on the Biggest Loser.

Remember its not fair for you to compare yourself to those on “The Biggest Loser”.  They don’t have to work, trainers and food are free, no fast food places and all they have to do is exercise and lose weight.

I’m not saying you can’t lose weight but getting in shape and losing weight takes time.  The heavier you are the more likely you are to have higher results in the beginning.  If you only have 10-15lbs to lose you may only see 1-2lbs per week if that.  The fact is that losing 2lbs per week is great and you should be motivated to continue working out and eating better.

Everything Takes TIME

Like I stated earlier it takes time to lose weight and you can’t expect to lose weight like someone on television or you female friend who you workout with.  Every woman is different and will lose weight at a different rate. The quicker you decide to get into shape and make changes the better!

The misconception is that there are miracle pills and supplements that are going to help you lose weight overnight.  If you are looking for the best results you need to give yourself at least 2-3 months in order to see the optimum results.  There is no program, abs machine or fat loss pill that is going to allow you to go from flabby stomach to abs overnight.

Forget the SCALE

Don’t make the mistake of weighing yourself every day. Your weight can fluctuate up to five pounds every week due to water weight. Try weighing yourself once per week to track your progress. Your clothes will start to feel loose and you will know you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

Putting the time in and keeping a positive outlook will definitely pay dividends, helping you to get into shape. By following these easy tips to tone up and slim down, you will soon be turning heads on the beach when you show off your hot summer body.