Do you really want to get a smaller waist and bigger hips? Are you looking for that ideal hourglass shape as some would call it? If so then here is your “How to Guide” for just that. Like you, millions of women have asked themselves what else do I need to do to get that look. While it looks absolutely amazing you have to remember that many are wearing waist trainers and getting butt augmentation.

Yes dear, not all that glitters is gold. Some are faking it and making you think you just can’t have what they do. The fact is that some women are just born with those hips so all they have to work on is dieting for a smaller waist. Sure we know you are craving that look and nice plump hips and a thin waist sure looks could but how is it possible?

“The hourglass shape is one that alludes many women”

Hourglass Figure in 3-14 days?

C’mon really? When you search Google for “how to get an hourglass figure” or “how to get a smaller waist & bigger hips” you get videos like the ones below. They do offer some good advice on some exercises that can be done and in general good workouts. But really 3 days? I mean 14 days? It takes some women that long just to lose 2-3lbs.

The problem with videos like these is that it gives women unrealistic expectations. How are you going to improve your waist-to-hip ratio in such a short time. Sure you might make some changes but I doubt it’s going to be that noticeable.

Posts and videos like these are really clickbait headlines to get women to view the articles or Youtube channels. The only way to get a thinner waist in that short of a time period is by wearing a girdle or a waist cincher.

So let’s stop with the foolishness. Now that we have that out of the way. Here are the characteristics of the HOURGLASS shape:

  • Slightly rounded shoulders
  • Bust and hip area about the same width
  • Very small or defined waist
  • Bottom and hips are nicely rounded
  • Tend to have bigger thighs
  • Weight tends to be distributed evenly throughout the body

Why Such a Desire for Wider Hips?

The reason you desire wide hips is because it’s just hardwired into women’s genes. Bigger hips have been something men and women have been attracted to for ages. Why? Well before modern medicine having wider hips made it easy for women to give birth. When it came to breastfeeding the more fat that a woman had stored around her buttock, hips, and thighs the easier it was to produce milk.

The opposite was true if a woman carried too much weight around her waist. Having a lot of fat in the waist area signified unhealthiness as abdominal fat is highly linked to other chronic diseases. Not sure if this is where the whole big hips small waist came from but here we are.

You should also understand that the tinier the waist the bigger your hips will appear. Some tricks to making your waist look smaller are high waisted pants and waist trainers as well as sucking in that gut.

On the safe side we just want you to understand that this is not going to happen overnight. Heck, it’s not going to happen in 14 days. In reality you are looking more at a 2-3 month process if not more.

Main Reasons for an Hourglass Shape?

Let’s face it, we all know a woman or two that just has that body. You know the killer body you want but can’t stand when you see “her” with. Yeah that one. Well, in most cases (if natural) she was just born with it. You read it correctly, she was born with it.

Genetics plays a very huge key in a woman having a body shape that is naturally balanced with a well defined waist. Take the hips for instance. Wide hips are mostly due to bone structure and you will notice most women with the hourglass shape have those bigger hip bones. You can’t go out and grow hip bones.

Another factor is that their shoulders and hips are about the same width. This gives that nice silhouette and if the waist is small there you go. The shape is no different from being born with bigger ears or nose than someone else. Some just have it at birth.

Fat Storage is another reason for the look that you may or may not have. Women all store fat differently. Some on the back of the arms, others in the face, waist, and those lucky ones in the hips and thighs. Just depends on where you want it versus where you store it. The beauty of it all is that we are all beautiful.

Weight loss or gain is another reason to have or not to have the shape that many desire. When you think about it do you have the nice shoulder to hip ratio, nice hips but not the hourglass look?

Maybe you gained some weight in your midsection over the years. If your waist was smaller you would be where you want. The excess fat that you have could be taking away from your natural body type. Cardio and weightlifting combined with a good eating plan like Eat-Stop-Eat is all you need.

Photoshop and Posing are reasons many women appear to have the shape you want and desire. The fact is with Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and all these social media sites women have gotten disperate. Many want fame and fortune with being an influencer online so they pose to look like someone they aren’t.

Some have become really good with photoshopping and editing photos so their butts look bigger and their waists smaller. When they have clothing on they are either sucking in the guts or wearing a cincher so they can be snatched as they call it.

Women pose all the time and while there is nothing wrong with posing for a picture it’s up to you to realize that these are photos and people usually like to make sure the photo online looks the very best. Most aren’t even taking pictures in what would be a natural posture. The goal is to look sexier in the photo even if at times it’s unrealistic when it comes to social media.

How to Get a Smaller Waist?

First things first. It’s easier to work on losing weight than widening your hips. Even with trying to get your waist down a few sizes there is no way to spot reduce fat. Your body loses weight where it wants to lose weight first. I know many women who lose weight in their face or legs first. Sadly, they want to lose it on their hips or abdomen. That’s just not the way it works.

When it comes to a smaller midsection you are going to need to focus on eating. We don’t like to say dieting as more women find it hard to stick to a diet versus a lifestyle change. Find a way to eat less calories, be more active, and try intermittent fasting.

“You will never see abs until your bodyfat % is low enough”

The key with this area of your body is getting rid of the stubborn belly fat which has way more to do with how many calories you intake more than anything else. You can still do planks, setups, crunches, and jump rope to work those muscles and build up your core. The FACT remains, you will never see abs until your body fat percentage is low enough.

How to Get Wider Hips?

This is a tricky one. As we mentioned before genetics plays a big part in a woman having bigger hips. If you don’t have the hip bone structure you are going to have to mainly focus on gaining muscle in those areas.

Since some women naturally store fat in their hips and thighs, it may be easier for them to get the look they want. For others you are going to need to build up both your glutes and hamstrings. Getting a bigger butt naturally will look better if you don’t increase your leg size. The underbutt will give you the appearance of a larger, rounder, and plump butt. Some exercises that will help you increase your hip and butt muscles are listed below.

  • Jump rope workouts
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Single-Leg Foot Elevated Hip Thrusts
  • Glute Pull-Throughs
  • Hip Bridge
  • Hip Thrust
  • Glute Kickbacks
  • Kneeling Squats
  • Fire Hydrant Kicks
  • Squats (sparingly)
  • Deadlifts (sparingly)

There are some things you aren’t going to be able to change with your body. Don’t focus on those. Simply focus on the things you can change like losing excess body weight and fat. Focus on building muscles in the buttocks area so that your hips get bigger.

Your frame is your frame. You can’t change how your bones are made and where you carry weight. You can change how much fat you carry and how much muscle mass you have so work on those.

Styling Tips for Small Waist/Big Hips

Someone with an hourglass body is going to have a well defined waist. The key to styling this body shape is to make sure you are proportionally dressing from top to bottom while drawing attention to the waist area.

Don’t forget to maintain the natural silhouette of this shape; this means staying well balanced making sure not to draw too much attention to the top or bottom half of the body. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Avoid shapeless and/or loose clothing
  • No straight cut clothing that hides the waist
  • Choose clothes that hug and show off your silhouette
  • Make sure you have good bras
  • Don’t try to draw attention to your hips or shoulders as your body has a great shape that needs balance
  • Wear high-rise pants
  • Define your waist
    • Wear darker color clothing around your waist like dark belts
    • Always make sure you are accentuating the waist area

Things to Remember

We know you want the hourglass figure but here are a few things to remember. When it comes to this body shape it is more about your waist to hip ratio and boob size. You want the shape but that doesn’t mean you can have it without getting bigger hips.

You can’t make your hip bone structure bigger or wider so you are going to have to put on some muscle which means you need a bodybuilding workout for your hips and thighs. The smaller your waist the bigger your hips appear.

Exercising alone is not going to do the trick. You need a good eating plan and plenty of sleep to recover from your workouts. Glutes, glutes, and more glutes. Hit them hard and often when working out. Target the maximus, medius, and minimus muscles along with the glute ham tie for that nice underbutt.

Please also remember that while there are tons of amazing videos on Youtube that give great workouts and exercises many of them give unrealistic expectations. Looking at these videos and expecting fast results will only frustrate you. On top of that many of the women you are seeing are posing and photoshopping their image. So please compare you to what you want to look like, not someone else.