Jumping Rope

I know you are wondering, “How can this be true?” Can I really get a nicer butt and lose that stubborn belly fat? Yes, yes you can!! Jumping rope is an excellent activity for losing fat and building a bigger booty. The funny thing is that a lot of women used to jump rope when they were younger, whether seriously in competition or just for fun.

Something so simple as just jumping rope usually gets overlooked. But seriously though this is not just an activity to keep your kids busy. Look at boxers and how much they jump rope or add those workouts to their routines. Jumping rope can be very effective for getting a smaller waist and building up those glutes. But don’t take it for granted. While you may be great at jogging or walking for 10-15 minutes most people in general can’t jump rope for that long.

Full Body Workout

So just what muscles do these types of workouts work? Well, almost every muscle in the body. The arms, abdominals, back, legs, glutes, and various others. In fact, I would say that if you really did a workout using a jump rope you would find that you will have muscles sore that you didn’t even know you had.

Your core muscles have to be activated and engaged while jumping which makes you stand up tall. Your shoulders will get a good beating as well as calves. These workouts also help build the underbutt giving you a nice plump and fuller buttocks.

Release HGH while Jumping Rope

Human growth hormones (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the body. This hormone is important for growth as well as cell regeneration, and cell reproduction. HGH also helps the body burn fat like crazy. By increasing your natural level of HGH it allows (or rather HELPS) your body quickly burn fat. You may notice that a lot of companies now sell HGH pills as many want to speed up the process.

We suggest doing it naturally through exercise. The problem with this though is that many want to just do steady state cardio like just running on the treadmill or walking. While this will help with weight loss and is better than doing nothing it won’t get your body to release HGH.

This is where High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) comes into play. HIIT has proven that by alternating from high levels of cardio for 30 seconds followed by slow state cardio for 60-90 seconds you will force your body to release HGH and help you melt away stubborn body fat.

Jump Rope Purchasing & Adjusting Tips

When it comes to getting a rope basically just get what you can afford. Ropes range in price from $15 up to $100+ for the weighted ones. We suggest just picking up a “speed rope” like boxers use from your local store or Amazon. The key is making sure that you get one that allows you to adjust it. This is very important for sizing.

Since your height will differ from someone else there is no one length fits all. You need an adjustable rope to fit your height so that you don’t end up with a rope that is way too long or short. So when you get the rope you need to properly adjust it following the steps below.

  • Step on the rope with one foot, bring your feet together, and pull the rope taught.
  • Bring the handles together and point the top towards your chest.
  • Only check where the cable ends – do not include the handles with rope size.
  • The cable should stop at your sternum or lower breast.
  • The rope should not go higher than this point. Any longer than this will have too much rope which will cause the rope to slap the ground excessively.

How  to Jump Rope Correctly for Beginners

Ok so now that you have a rope and sized it, let’s get to how to and correctly jump. When you hold the rope you want to really focus on symmetry. Both hands should be the same distance from the center of your body and on the rope.

When jumping you want to move a little as possible. You should really only be jumping and moving your wrists. The elbows, shoulders, core etc really should have minimal movement. Remember jumping rope is all about proper and consistent jumping. You want as little space as possible between you and the ground when jumping over the rope if possible no more than an inch or so off the ground.

Your toes should be pointed downward on every jump and knees slightly bent. This ensures that you are landing on the balls of your feet softly on every jump. Many beginners struggle with the infamous “double jump.” If you find yourself bouncing twice per rotation check out a quick fix here.

Jump Rope Cardio Workout

Now that you know how to properly jump rope, here’s a workout routine that is sure to help you get rid of that excess belly fat and help build a bum.

  • Stand in front of a clock or timer
  • Jump Rope for 3 minutes to warm up
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Jump rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Jump Rope as quickly as possible for 60 seconds
  • Rest for 30 seconds
  • Repeat this alternating pattern for 15-20 minutes

If you are having trouble doing this workout then you may need to work on your stamina and conditioning to jump rope. For those who are having trouble finishing the above workout I want you to focus on just jumping rope for the next two weeks until you can jump rope for 5 minutes straight without stopping and starting.

Five minutes means that you don’t mess up at all. Yep, if for some reason you trip up and the rope hits your feet you will need to start the timer over. This will ensure that when you come back to this workout you are ready.

Once you are able to do the above workout with ease you can try the extreme workout below. This workout will help you build both stamina and endurance while allowing you to body a crazy sexy body.

  • 1-90 times slow rope skipping
  • 2-80 times moderate basic jump rope (two foot landing)
  • 3-250 times high speed intense jump rope (about 2 rotations per second)
  • Do that without stopping, then rest for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Repeat this routine 8 times (40-60 minutes)

Jump Rope Circuit Training Workout

  • 1 Minute Slow Jump Rope Warmup
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 30 second fast jump rope
  • 20 body squats
  • 30 second fast jump rope
  • 20 burpees
  • 30 second fast jump rope
  • 10 lunges each leg
  • 30 second fast jump rope
  • 30 second plank
  • 30 second fast jump rope
  • 25 jumping jacks

Tips To Remember while Jumping Rope

When jumping rope it is very important to keep your feet close together the entire time. You will want to make sure you are jumping and landing on the midsole of your feet. Landing softly is very important to making sure not to injure yourself. On your jumps be sure to stay as low as possible. Don’t jump higher than two inches off the ground. Remember the lower the better.

Posture is all so important to make sure your body gets a full workout. Your knees should only be slightly bent, at all times. Stand tall with your chest out, and your head up looking forward. Keep your shoulders pulled back and elbows down at all times. Hand position should always be held to the middle of your body. Last but not least is to ONLY use your wrists to turn the rope. This gets messed up too often. Don’t use your elbows and shoulders to turn the rope.

These jump rope workouts will not only give you a full body workout but they help burn calories and melt fat away. With consistency and proper eating you will start to see your body transforming. We love the jump rope for getting rid of the last bit of stubborn fat while also building up those glutes.