Drinking Distilled Water

So before I begin, let’s just say that over the years I’ve tried a lot of things to lose weight. Drinking distilled water to lose weight was one of them. Before I go into whether or not I actually lost weight drinking distilled water let’s just talk about the importance of water in weight loss.

Studies support the hypothesis that drinking water is more beneficial for a person to lose weight. The key is that hydration seems to play an important part in losing weight from digestion and even muscle function.

Though I will have to state that there are no facts or clear research that supports how much water influences weight loss. Below are some of the reasons water might help you lose weight.

It’s a natural appetite suppressant

Yes, any water is going to make you feel full. Whether it’s distilled or not drinking and having water in your stomach is going to give you the sense of being full. Having a belly full of water signals the brain that you don’t need to eat anything. Water helps take up all the empty room in the stomach reducing hunger and giving you that full feeling.

Water May Increase Calorie Burning

Some research shows that burning calories could be increased by drinking water. There was a study where 12 people who drank cold or room temperature water experienced an increase in energy expenditure. It was recorded that people’s bodies burned 2-3% more calories than usual in the hour and a half after drinking the water.

Drinking cold water is also thought to help with water’s calorie burning benefits as it causes the body to burn more calories as it needs to heat up water for digestion.

Water Removes the Waste from your Body

If your body is dehydrated it makes it difficult for your body to remove body waste such as feces and urine. Water actually helps with this process, a lot. Water helps your kidneys to filter toxins and waste while the organ retains essential nutrients and electrolytes.

We have to remember that when we don’t drink enough it causes our kidneys to retain fluid. Water keeps waste soft and loose and allows it to move throughout our bodies. Drinking more water will help with indigestion and diarrhea as well with making sure you aren’t retaining water because you aren’t drinking enough fluids.

Drinking More Water Decrease Calorie Intake

When you drink more water you consume less calories. Water is a zero calorie drink unless you have some flavored water or something. Drinking a lot of fluids or drinks that are high in calories just kills your diet and will help you put on the pounds.

Most people just ignore that they drink a lot of calories from juices, sodas, coffee, sports drinks and alcohol. By replacing the fluids you are drinking with water you are going to save yourself hundreds of calories. This reduction of calories could lead to weight loss.

Now Back to Distilled Water Weight Loss

Honestly, I would just have to say no! It’s not that it didn’t help in losing weight, it’s that it didn’t change anything. I was already drinking a lot of water but was getting to the point where I plateaued. Fitness experts stated that weight loss can be had by drinking distilled water so I went for it.

Nothing changed, I didn’t lose the weight I was having issues losing and that was that. I would have to say I personally think that drinking distilled water to lose weight is more of a fad.

What is Distilled Water Anyway?

Distilled water comes from the distillation process. This is the method for purifying water as well as other liquids. To distill water it needs to be first boiled. Then the steam from the boiling water is collected so that it can condense and cool in another container. All the contaminants that were in the original water stay in the boiling water container.

One thing to note is that unlike purified water, distilled water doesn’t just have the contaminants removed. This process also removes minerals versus purified water that has had chemicals and contaminants removed but still has the minerals. You can buy distilled water at most grocery stores if you want to give it a try but there’s nothing that I found the pushes for drinking more distilled versus regular water for weight loss.

The Bottom Line

Drinking any type of water may help you lose weight as long as it is zero or low calories. All too often you might intake too many calories through fluids. Also, not getting enough fluids can lead to water retention and bloating. Drink plenty of water whether distilled or not and you should see some improvement. For the best results a change in lifestyle, more activity and a healthy balance of food is key. While distilled water may taste better to some and more safer than tap water is doesn’t provide any more health benefits than the other forms when it comes to losing weight.