Round Butt Shape

The awesome and amazing butt! Let’s face it bums are just something both men and women go crazy about. It’s just one of the parts of your body that makes you beautiful and unique. No two booty’s are the same nor are they created equal. If you look it should come to no surprise that there are different butt shapes and sizes. But of course, you already knew that. However, do you know what butt shape you have?

Women have spent thousands of dollars to get an amazing derriere. Butt lifts, booty pads, padded underwear are just the few things that are big business because women want to have that amazing body and a crazy backside. While there are many many shapes of buttocks out there for the most part buns have been categorized into a few main shapes. The main posterior shapes are square, round, heart, and  inverted V shapes.

Cause of Different Butt Shapes

When it comes to your tushy there are a lot of factors one must consider. One is your skeletal structure. While this might not seem obvious to some its the main framework for your overall body shape. For your butt the pelvic area will help decide if you are going to have narrow hips, wide hips, and even hip dips.

Another factor is simply genetics. Ever heard the saying, “she was born with it” or “she got good genes,” well it’s true. Some women naturally have a beautiful round ass. It just is what it is. Some things you can’t copy or repeat especially if she didn’t do anything to get it.

Sometimes you will hear that she works out, or maybe she was an athlete in school for something like track and field. These are some of the other things that will cause you to have different butt shapes. The last one is also due to fat storage. How and where your body stores fat will make a big difference on a female’s rump shape.

Who came up with Booty Shape Categories?

No this isn’t something that I made. There are categories for people’s backside and tons of articles that go into detail about each and every shape. Not only that but they talk about how to fix the shape you have, dress for the shape, and what causes you to have said shapes.

But who came up with the idea of shape categories for butts? Will the buttocks shapes came from cosmetic surgeons who do butt augmentation and needed a way to categorize the bums that they were working on.

The surgeons came up with for main bum shapes for all of the booty augmentations, liposuctions, and Brazilian butt lifts they were doing. And like mentioned before it’s not to say that there aren’t more shapes, these are just the most common and most widely recognized ones. And while we know that not everyone’s peach will fit into these categories but these help keep things simple.

Four Main Buttock Shapes for Women

Below are the four main butt types when it comes to the female rear-end.

  • Square – “H” shape
  • Round – “C” or “O” shape
  • Heart/pear – “A” shape
  • Inverted – “V” shape

Four Main Types of Butt Shapes

So, What butt do I have and Picking My Butt Shape

Remember ladies, the picture above is just meant to be a reference guide. Your butt may or may not fit one of these. But the goal is not to match perfectly the shape of your butt but rather utilize the information and know the content.

Just like body types and categorization, no two butts are the same. The basis of the categories in general were determined by ratios between your waist hips and thighs. Still though, knowing what type or shape of peach you have makes it easier picking underwear, jeans, pants, and clothing.

And again these four types of butts were created for and by plastic/cosmetic surgeons there are going to be a lot of variations of booty’s out there and no four categories are going to fit everyone.

Square or H-Shaped Bum

If you have hip dips then you are more likely to be this shape more than any other. For most women with the square bum you will find that your hip bone to your outer thigh looks straight or “H” in shape. Some women feel that the square butt or sponge bob butt looks more masculine due to the poor gluteal muscle definition. These are often hard to reshape even with surgery.

You may also have love handles and high hip bones that will give the overall effect that your buttocks look more square and the appearance of an up and down look versus that round backside.

Usually wearing low-rise jeans are not the best as they would tend to be less comfortable then say higher waisted jeans. Women with the square butts may want to buy boy shorts versus those that ride up.

Round, Bubble, or O-shaped Booty

This is the butt that a lot of women want due to the roundness or fullness of the backside. The round shape butt tends to look good from every angle as it is characterized by even fat/muscle distribution in the lower and upper portions of the cheeks. These buns usually look high and perky when viewed from the side.

When picking underwear for this shape you want to look for those that offer full coverage to avoid wedges, unless you are a thong or G-string type of lady.

Again this is the most popular in choice but doesn’t mean that more women have this type of butt shape. Known as the cherry-shaped, O, bubble butt or round this has the glam look that women and men go crazy for.

The Heart/Pear or A Shape Butt

While the round bubble butt seems to always get the attention many women want the upside down heart buttocks. Yes, this is a very popular shape and grabs a lot of attention.  The pear bum, I like Peach better, is considered to have the closest waist to hip ratio of what is considered the ideal ratio of 0.7.

When you have a waistline that tapers and fat is distributed in the lower part of your hips, butts, and thighs you will have an A shape buttocks. The upside down heart is considered super sexy and very feminine.

The one problem however is that as one ages, the bottom of the buttocks can tend to store too much fat. Also as you age the fat that was once being stored in the booty area is now being stored in the waist and midsection.

Inverted V Shaped Behind

The V shape is one of those butts that you might think of when you see an older woman who has lower estrogen levels. As a result fat storage moves from the butt to the midsection. In general if you have an inverted booty you will have a larger waistline and a very small butt that tapers.

While the bum will be fuller on the top it will get smaller as you get close to your thigh and hamstring area.  As stated you will usually see this with older women. Now this doesn’t mean that girls and young women won’t have this shape, it just occurs more with age so women with the V butts tend to be 45 or older.

As with a lot of things when aging this type of buttocks is prone to drooping. There is no volume in the mid or lower butt. The cheeks appear droopy and small compared to the rest of the bums area and waist. The butt just appears unhealthy.

Quick Recap on Butt Shapes

Remember that there are several factors that will determine the shape of your buttocks. One is the skeletal and muscle structure. These include the size of your gluteal muscles, the position of your hip and pelvic bones and the way your butt muscles are attached to your thighs.

Secondly, genetics! Yes, like above your genetics will not only determine your bone structure but also how your body distributes and loses fat. All women hold fat differently based on their genetics. While you may have a friend that holds hers in her hips and glutes, you might hold yours in your thighs or midsection.

Lastly, we have your hormones, weight, and age. These all factor in the shape of your butt. As you age your hormones change and fat distribution could go elsewhere. As you gain or lose weight the shape and size of your booty may change as well.

Can I change my shape?

Sure you can! Just like any other part or muscle on your body you can definitely make some changes. In many cases your buttocks will change on their own. Whether this is due to gaining weight, losing weight, exercise, aging or just loss of estrogen.

Now that you know what type of butt you have you can surely create a plan to make some changes if you want. There are tons of butt building and shaping programs out there. If you want you can just search Google or YouTube for the tons of exercises that one can do.

For those women wanting a fuller and rounder butt you can try “Unlock My Glutes” and for those looking to lose a few inches checkout something like the Brazil Butt Lift program. The right exercises and program are all you need to get the booty you want. Just remember ladies everything takes time.

If you are in for a quick fix for your butt shape you know there are plenty of ways to go. Whether you just want to opt for padded pants, padded underwear, padded shapewear, or cosmetic surgery. There are a lot of quick fix options. However, if you want to naturally increase your butt size or change its shape you are going to have to workout build muscle and lose some fat.

Butt building and shaping is something that will require time and effort if you want it naturally. There is nothing wrong if you want to try other procedures such as:

  • Brazilian Butt Lifts
  • Implants
  • Cool Sculpting
  • Filler Injections
  • Booty Pads
  • Padded Underwear
  • Shapewear

The bottom line is this, whatever kind of butt you have, just remember, it’s yours! Be proud of it and if you want it to evolve you can make those changes. Every butt is different and everyone is beautiful and your butt is what makes you special and unique.