Girl Buttocks

Ok so we get it, you want a nice peach bum. The only question is how do you get a bigger butt?? While some women opt for plastic surgery and others are just born with a big buttock, many women have to work on it.

Remember every woman has a layer of fat cushioning their booty. If not it would be super uncomfortable to sit down. Also, another thing to consider is that the amount of fat in that area is related/influenced by sex hormones. This simply means that estrogen tends to cause females to accumulate more fat on their buttocks and thighs.

The truth is if you want a bigger butt you are going to have to train like you want it. Your rear end is a muscle just like your thighs and arms. Cardio is not going to help build a bigger backside. That’s because cardio is to help cardiovascular fitness hence the name cardio. It can surely help you get lean but do you want a lean firm butt or a plump juicy peach??

Stronger Bigger Glutes for Round Butt

If you are really wanting a fuller rounder butt then you have to work your glutes. You will need to build this muscle and it will give you that athletic round bottom. This means the exercises of choice should focus on that area and those muscles.

While you won’t need ten different exercises, you will need to incorporate squats, deadlift, and other area specific exercises. Targeting the glutes ensures that the muscles in that area are worked and forced to grow.

What are Glutes: Muscles of the Butt

Your glutes consist of three muscles: the maximus, medius and the minimus. These three muscles originate from your pelvis and insert into the femur. Of the three the gluteus maximus is the strongest and largest. Think of it as the buffest part of the booty. It’s one of the strongest muscles in the body and works with the other two to stabilize the pelvis and help with hip rotation.

The gluteus medius is the middle size muscle of the glutes that is literally sandwiched between the minimus and maximus. It helps with the lateral rotation and medial rotation.

The minimus or gluteus minimus is the smallest and deepest of the muscles. The job of the minimus is to abduct the thigh while stabilizing the hips and pelvis during walking, jogging, or just standing on one leg.

Best Workouts for Building Butt Size

If building the size is your goal you are going to need to look at more of a bodybuilding workout for your butt. This is because you are now looking to build muscle not lose weight. Building bigger hips, thighs, and booties requires a program for strength and size increase.

While programs like CrossFit, Spin Classes, P90X and others are all great they don’t focus on what you are looking for. If you are looking for strength training or overall general fitness these are perfect. Building a nice size bum requires bum work. You need something that is going to bulk that area up. You need a bodybuilding program for your glutes.

Exercises for Bigger Glutes

If you want to build a bigger rear you are going to need to workout using the right exercises. Some of our favorites are squats (varying versions), deadlifts, step ups, the glute bridge, side planks and thrusts just to name a few.

Weighted Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks target your butt in a way that many other buttock exercises can’t. Adding weight such as resistance bands or ankle weights are key to getting that extra push you need. Donkey kicks also focus on just the three gluteal muscles which is perfect for firming and rounding that bum.

Glute Bridge

This one is safe for those beginners who want to work the glutes, hamstrings and core. The glute bridge isolates and strengthens your muscles. You can start without using weights and when you can do 30-50 of them then consider adding some weight.

Hip Thrust

The hip thrust basically extends the range of motion that is performed when doing a glute bridge. They are good to do but won’t build muscle and size as with the squat and deadlifts. These help with flexibility and movements and are good for training at home or on the go.

Single-leg deadlift

If you are looking for something more intermediate to advance then this is the move for you. The single-leg deadlift targets both your hamstrings and butt. The weighted deadlift movement challenges your balance and core stability while helping you build that booty.


For an exercise that will focus on the smaller muscles in the buttocks this is one of our favorites. The clamshell works deep in the glutes and hits both the medius and minimus muscles. While the maximus gets a lot of attention from exercises like the deadlift and squat the clamshell works those deep butt muscles. Utilize this exercise to tone and build that plump looking buttock.

Side Plank

Much like the clamshell exercise the plank trains the smaller muscles that sit above your butt right close to your hips. This exercise works muscles that help more with posture as well as your core. Planks will help you bulk up your gluteus medius while building a strong oblique.

Romanian Deadlift

For building up your hips, thighs and butt area the Romanian deadlift is a winner. The full range motion allows you to work your bottom and hip while keeping consistent tension on them while taking the strain off of your quads and upper back.

Foods for a Bigger Tushy

Much like losing weight, gaining weight starts in the kitchen. What you eat, how much or how little is just as if not more important than what you do in the gym. The right exercise with proper nutrition is always the perfect combo.

When it comes to food for the tushy size the diet with proper workouts is key. But while you are working on your glutes you need to make sure that you are giving your body the proper nutrition it needs to heal, build, and maintain that muscle size.

Carbs, antioxidants, as well as healthy fats help with muscle growth by fueling the cells, improving recovery, and reducing exercise inflammation.

Salmon – this a great source of protein and is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which offers lots of healthy benefits.

Flax Seeds – Adding these seeds to your diet is a great way to promote and boost protein intake. Remember protein is needed for building muscles for a bigger peach bum.

Eggs – help your body produce energy from the B vitamins and the leucine in eggs also has been shown to stimulate muscle synthesis.

Quinoa – high in complex carbs and packs all 9 essential amino acids adding this to your diet can surely help build a fanny to be proud of.

Legumes – beans, lentils, peas, peanuts are all generally high in protein which can help promote your glute growth.

Brown rice – over the perfect blend and balance of proteins and complex carbs. There have been studies that show that BCAA’s in brown rice can help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness.

Avocados – Rich in potassium as well as high in antioxidants the avocado along with the proper workout will help with butt contraction and growth.

Protein Shakes – since the body needs 1.6+ grams of protein per kg of body weight the shake is for those women who just can’t get enough protein to build those glutes.

Chia Seeds – Super rich in omega-3, healthy fats and proteins. Making it great for being added to smoothies, juices and other foods.

Spinach – great for vitamins, minerals and one of the best sources of iron.

These are just a few of the many foods that could help you on your journey to build a bigger, better butt. When doing a bodybuilding workout you need to understand the importance of proper nutrition in helping. Foods are going to be the source that helps with muscle gains and increasing the size of your buttocks.

Final Thoughts on Booty Growth

In short, to build a bigger booty you are going to do workouts that challenge all the muscles of your hips and butt. The glutes need to be worked and once you have form down you need to focus on heavy weight high reps. Since the butt is made up of three different sections the maximus, medius, and minimus; all three muscles need to be worked. This will help with an overall appearance, size and shape you will be happy with.

The gluteus maximus is the largest of the butt muscles. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and hip thrusts focus on it. You will see the most growth in this muscle and its easy just to focus on those exercises but you shouldn’t.

Paying close attention to the gluteus medius and minimus will help round and shape the buttocks and mid-section of your body. The medius muscles are in your hip area. For that nice hour glass shape you want to pay attention to these muscles. Utilizing compound lifts, planks, and other exercises will give you that plump fuller look. And there you have it. Now you know exactly how to build a bigger butt.