Woman doing crunches

Many women would like to know: Just what are the best exercises for a flat stomach. We get asked this question all the time and for the most part women never really like this answer. There is no exercise that is best for a flat stomach. That’s right, there are “No abs exercises or workouts that we consider the best.”

If you want to have a flat stomach you are simply going to have to reduce that amount of body fat you are carrying. It’s not about working out your midsection or doing crazy amounts of ab work. It’s so sad when we see women doing so much ab work yet they will never see those abs or have that flatter stomach if they don’t reduce body fat percentage.

Low Body Fat Percentage

When it comes to a smaller waist or visible abs it’s all about the body fat percentage. No amount of abdominal workouts is going to make your muscles visible or your waist smaller if you are carrying weight in your midsection. And no, for the millionth time, you can’t spot reduce fat.

Getting a smaller waist requires losing weight and body fat. Seeing your abs requires losing body fat. Having muscular abs requires you working out your abdominals and building muscles. Stop with all these crunches and planks if you are looking to reduce the size of your stomach area.

Diet (Eating) is Key, Cardio Second

Just to be clear we are not saying not to do core exercises. Abdominal exercises are great for posture, strengthening your core, and wonderful for visible abs once your body fat percentage is low. However, if you are wondering what will have a better effect on your waist it’s going to be what you eat.

Many will use the word “diet” but really reducing your calorie intake or calories burned will be key in getting a flat stomach. This isn’t meant to be some long drawn out post simply because it’s simple. Eat less and focus on cardio. There are plenty of workouts for building abs but most women tend to be looking to just get down a few sizes in the waist.

If they are not doing fitness or bodybuilding competitions you are probably not really looking for washboard abs. You can check out Eat Stop Eat and many other eating plans to help reduce calories. In the big picture just remember that getting a nice six pack or flatter stomach comes from eating and cardio not abdominal workouts.