Waist Hips and Thighs (WHAT) is a small, husband and wife run business that was founded in 2011. There was a goal for the two of us to finally get off our lazy bums and get into shape. The funny thing is that LIFE happened and what we thought we would be able to do continually changed over the years.

So, many years ago we met in college and were both very active. We graduated, got corporate jobs and became increasingly more lazy. Well maybe not lazy but we definitely didn’t move around as much as we did while on campus, walking everywhere, going to the gym, parties and just moving all the time. With the corporate jobs all we did was sit at computer desks for 8-9 hours.

Finally, we made a decision to get in better shape and things were on a roll. Then it happened. The Mrs. got pregnant and had our first child. Of course having a baby changes people’s lives for the better however my wife was not happy with the weight gain and how she perceived herself. She had just started getting in her groove and bam things were different.

We both wanted to be fit and happy but understood that we needed to find that balance. Juggling family, work, fitness etc was no easy task but it was possible. This journey has been a long one that is far from over. Waist, hips and thighs came to be because those were the areas that gave my wife the most trouble. From wanting a flat stomach to hating her wide hips and thighs.

Over time some of the very things she wanted to get rid of became things that other women wanted. Many women want to lose their wide hips while others are trying to figure out how to get them. Some women wanted bigger butts, others just wanted the nice bubble booty but not too big. What we saw is that everyone had their THING. And in many cases they were just going about what they wanted the wrong way.

Our desire was to give people our journey and hope that it could help them in some way shape or form. Let us help you with your fitness goal here at WaistHipsandThighs.com.