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Do you want to lose weight and get fit? Are you wanting bigger hips and thighs? Or how about just a bigger butt without getting bigger legs and thighs?

If you have been looking for directions but not sure on where to turn let us help you. From women who are looking to get lean and ripped to those just needing to get rid of stubborn belly and inner thigh fat, we will show you exactly what to do to get the body you want.

We have plenty of FREE articles that can help you build muscle, lose weight, get bigger hips and get in better shape. Some of what we cover are:

  • How to get stronger, healthier and looking better
  • How to build a bigger butt without growing your thighs
  • How to target the UNDERBUTT
  • How to get toned without gaining muscle mass

We Help Women Focus on Their Waist, Hips, and Thighs

Yes we are just a general site for helping the average person to get in shape. We understand that there are plenty of good resources for that already. Not every female is overweight and looking to get thinner. Some women are looking to get wider hips while others smaller ones. Some women are trying to get a little thicker while others want to lose a little in the gut area.

Our focus is the midsection of your body. Everything from the waist, hips, buttocks, and thighs we got you covered. Here at Waist Hips and Thighs we write about how to eat for gaining and losing weight, the importance of weight training, how to zero in on the glutes, how bodybuilding workouts are key and how to look stunning in clothes or in a swimsuit!

Programs Specifically Designed for Women

Whether you are looking to lose weight for a wedding or event, wanting to build a bigger butt, or just looking for a workout program designed with you in mind we got you covered. We have several programs that we recommend to help you achieve your goals. Check out our Programs here for more information on courses like Visual Impact for Women, Fat Loss Boost and more.