Wide Hips – Are you happy with yours?

Thursday, February 10th 2011. | Diet & Fat Loss Tips

Wide hips are something that is very common with women.  The problem seems to be that a lot of women can’t decide if having big wide hips is something that they are happy with or not.  On the one hand, some men prefer wide hips and compliment women so they feel good about having bigger hips.  On the other hand having wide hips makes can fitting into clothing a difficult task especially jeans and skirts.

Lose Wide Hips and Thighs

What Causes Wide Hips in Women

Your hips and butt are mostly fat and well wide hips simply occur in most women because of excessive fat.  It could just be something that is common in your family but it still comes down to too much fat storage.  Now this doesn’t mean that a woman with wide hips is actually fat it just means that this could be where she tends to store most of her fat.

Everyone carries and stores fat in different regions of their body however in a lot of women the fat deposits tend to go straight to the hips and thighs.  I have seen a lot of women who are really small everywhere else but they have really big hips. These two areas along with the mid-section seem to be the hardest part to get rid of.

Spot Reduction for Hips Doesn’t Work

Before you go looking for the next hips exercise to burn off those hips (if you aren’t happy with them) you need to understand something.  Your wide hips are no different than any other part of your body and you cannot spot reduce fat.

Losing weight in your hips require you to lose weight all over your body.  When you go on a diet, workout, or both you are actually losing weight from you entire body and not just one spot. Don’t be fooled by programs offering to help you lose your wide hips simply from doing hip specific exercises because it won’t work.

Tips on How to Lose Wide Hips

Women are looking just for the cause of their wide hips they want a solution.  If you are tired of your wide hips and are looking to get them smaller here are some tips that will help you.  Keep in mind losing the fat from your hips takes time and effort.

Tips to Lose Wide Hips

Avoid Working out the Thighs

If you are trying to get rid of your wide hips then you should avoid doing exercises that will make your hips and thighs bigger.  Exercises like squats and leg presses have their place in helping to tone but don’t want to build muscle in those areas.  At this point building muscle near your hips area will only make it look bigger than they already do.

Do HIIT for your Cardio

By doing the regular old steady state cardio you will only burn calories while you are on the treadmill. The thing is that once you step off almost instantly you stop burning calories however this is not the case with high intensity interval training.

In just 15-20mins you can not only burn more calories than you would have doing regular cardio but you will be burning calories for up to 24 hours after your workout.  This is a killer method for burning calories and you can find a great cardio workout in Visual Impact for Women.

Enjoy the Food but Eat Less of it

The key to losing your wide hips most importantly comes down to you simply eating fewer calories.  This doesn’t mean you can’t eat the foods you want when you want.  It just means that if you are going to eat some Oreo cookies you should only have 2-3 instead of a dozen.  Or maybe instead of four slices of pizza you should only have 1 or 2.

The key to any diet or weight loss program for women is the fact that you are going to eat fewer calories than you were eating before.  When you couple this with exercise you body will start to burn fat for fuel causing you to lose fat.

Final Thoughts on Losing Wide Hips

Additional weight in your hips and thighs can make getting into your much loved denims a challenge. Every woman can reduce wide hips by lessening their body fat percentage. A great workout program and diet are the keys to getting rid of those wide hips.

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