Kelly Rowland Breast Implants? Oh Yes She Did

Thursday, October 17th 2013. | Celeb Boob Jobs

Hey you have to hand it to singer/songwriter Kelendria “Kelly” Rowland for opening up and talking about her breast enhancement surgery.  This is one chick who knew what she was doing and didn’t try to hide from it.

kelly rowland before and after breast impants

Kelly actually went on record in an interview and admitted to actually have gotten the implants done basically because she was tired of the way her clothes fit on her.  Being so small chested it made it hard for her to find/fit into the tops she wanted.

What Kelly Had to Say About Breast Implants?

These are more or less the words from Ms. Rowland when asked about why she got the breast augmentation done.

“I wanted to get breast implants when I was 18, but my mom and Beyoncé’s mom told me to really think about it first. I took their advice and waited 10 years.”


“I didn’t want to have double Ds and be a little bitty size 2 — that would look nuts…I was sick of not fitting into my tops… There was this one really hot House of Dereon top — I just wanted to fill that out… It is a decision I made for myself. I like it, and that’s all that counts.”

Kelly Rowland Before and After Photos


Kelly Rowland After Breast Implants Photo

More On Kelly and Her Breast Implants

I have always been a big fan of Kelly.  She was my favorite when she started with “Destiny’s Child” back in the day.  However I thought see was beautiful then and don’t think she lost anything by having the surgery done to increase her breast size.

She actually said that once she knew she wanted and was ready to get them she took other measures as well.  “Once I felt ready, I tried on padded bras and walked around in them to see how it would feel. You have to know what you’re getting, no matter what type of surgery it is.”

How do you think her breast surgery turned out?  Do you like the new Kelly or was the smaller chest more appealing?