Inner Thigh Chafing – Is It Affecting You?

Tuesday, February 1st 2011. | Exercises & Tips

Inner Thigh Chafing is Problem for Women

Inner thigh chafing not something that is usually discussed and I am betting you probably don’t hear much about it.  The problem is that thigh chafing can make what would normally be enjoyable and simple for women turn into a nightmare.  If you think that I’m wrong try asking someone who has actually experienced chafing and see what see says.

Prevent Inner Thigh Chafing

What is Chafing Anyway?

Chafing (also known as ”chub rub”) is the irritation or soreness of your skin caused by friction or rubbing.  Usually chafing occurs in the inner thighs, underarms, around the nipples and under the breast.  Although anyone can be affected by chafing the problem is more common in athletes, runners, and people who are overweight.

Inner Thigh Chafing Causes and Symptoms

Inner thigh chafing is usually caused by some activity that causes the skin to continuously rub against a piece of clothing or against another area of skin.  Moisture is not your friend and anything from sweat to rain can actually make chafing worse.  Some symptoms of chafing include a painful stinging sensation or the burning feeling of your skin. Thigh chafing in women usually results from a couple of things:

  • your thighs are rubbing together frequently
  • your pants or shorts tend to move around too much which causes rubbing against your inner thighs

How to Prevent Chafing Inner Thighs

In order to prevent inner thigh chafing women simply have to be a little more cautious about what you do and wear.  You should make sure that you keep the area between your thighs dry and if possible use powder.  Also make sure you stay hydrated and drink enough water to keep salt from depositing on your skin.

Prevent Thigh Chafing

Another way for you to prevent inner thigh chafing is to stay clear of wearing pants that have large or heavy inseams. When you go workout, wear loose pants so that these won’t cause friction on your skin. Last but not least, wash your irritated area with a gentle soap and water but avoid using those that contain deodorant, since fragrances can irritate your skin.

Here are some other ways to Prevent Thigh Chafing:

  • If you run or jog try wearing spandex or tights to help keep the thighs from rubbing together.
  • Apply a lubricant to the areas that then to chafe
  • Avoid wearing clothing that can be coarse against your skin
  • Make sure that your clothes are free of dirt, sweat and other things that can cause irritation

Inner Thigh Chafing Treatments

Above are some ways to actually try to prevent chafing from occurring in the inner thighs.  Chafed skin will heal quicker when it is left exposed and permitted to breathe. If this is not achievable during the daytime, make sure that you wear loose and comfortable at night.

Inner Thigh Chafing Treatment

Using creams or treatments such as Everstride and MONISTAT can assist in soothing the area. These help in keeping the skin slippery, which allows the skin between your thighs, to slip past each other, rather than rubbing against each other causing more irritation and soreness.

Don’t Just Live With Inner Thigh Chafing

Ladies you don’t have to actually put up with inner thigh chafing and this is not an uncommon problem.  A lot of women suffer from chafed inner thighs and this is something that is easy to fix.  Simply wear loose clothing, keep dry (using powder if needed), where spandex, and be more cautious.  If you find yourself with a chafed area try purchasing a cream to treat the chafed area.

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