If you are like my wife you suffer from having wide hips and thighs.  Like so many women, my wife tried everything only to fail until I introduced her to two particular methods that changed her life and body forever.

Below are is a pictures of my beautiful wife in 2008 before losing any weight.  Notice before that not only did she have wide hips and thighs but also a bulging waistline (love handles).

How to Lose Wide Hips and Thighs

Let's be clear you have to understand that losing your wide hips and thighs is all about weight loss in general.  When it comes to your wide hips you can "ONLY" get your hips to be as narrow as your hips or pelvic bone structure 

She will still have a slightly wider lower frame but to her this is great since she will always have that hourglass look!

Are you ready to get smaller hips and thighs?

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