Smaller Hips? Exercise Your Butt Off With This Buttocks Exercise

Sunday, August 1st 2010. | Exercises & Tips

Okay so you want smaller hips but don’t know what exercise to do.  This hips exercise will make sure that you get a tighter more tone butt than ever.  I always suggest that women to some type of buttocks exercise whether it be sprinting, walking, or running stairs, just anything other than setting on their butts.

Smaller Hips and Sexier Butt

Just because you want smaller hips doesn’t mean you want to lose your butt.  If you are looking to improve your butt try this great butt exercise workout.

If you want smaller hips and want to exercise your rear end to get the best butt possible than this is the post for you.  In this post we will go over another exercise that will help you in your journey to toning that old butt of yours into a new smaller more rounded bum!

Buttocks Exercise Without A Stupid Machine or Gimmick

The answer to ridding yourself of the butt that you don’t want and getting one that is perfect is not from using some expensive machine at the gym or one that is on sale on HSN.  In fact one of the best hips and buttocks exercise is one that you can use just your bodyweight or some handy free weights.

This exercise is known as the single-leg Romanian Deadlift.  It is a great exercise not only for toning and slimming your butt but also the back of your thighs.  You will also be working other muscles throughout each leg since this exercise requires you to only focus on one leg at a time every muscle in the leg gets worked even the ankle.

Smaller Hips

“Some women want a bigger butt while others want a smaller one. The key to a nice overall body is making sure everything fits together nothing over shadowing anything else.

How to Properly Do A Romanian Deadlift:

Stand straight up, looking in front of you and balance on your left leg, while your right leg is slightly bent behind you.

Make sure that you maintain a small bend at the knees while doing this exercise.

Slowly bend over to touch the floor while simultaneously pushing the butt and hips back making sure you are keeping a flat (not rounded) back.

While in the bent position, focus on squeezing your hips and butt muscles as hard as you can as you reverse your movement and bring yourself back up all while still maintaining a flat back.

This would be considered one repetition for your left leg.  You need to do 6-10 repetitions for each leg for 2-4 sets.  You can mix this in with your sprints or jump rope routine or simply do this while at home. For this exercise balance and squeezing the buttocks and stabilizing the core are key and after a few sets you will be feeling it a lot in both the butt and back of your thighs.

Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift Video

NOTE: Not every one is looking for smaller hips or thighs, however for those who are this exercise combined with sprinting or running stairs would be great.  There are a few buttocks exercises out there and I will be sure to post more in the future.

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