Top 5 Bigger Buttocks Exercises

Top 5 Exercises for a Fuller, Firmer, Sexier Butt! It’s fair to assume, since your reading this page that you are looking for exercises to improve your butt or you have a significant other who you want to help get a Sexier Bigger Butt.


Remember there are several other ways such as surgery (expensive & harmful), creams (have no idea if they work), and eating more (makes your fat) to increase the size of your rear-end.

Exercising isn't the fastest way to increase your butt size but it works and is the safest.

Okay enough talk on with the list of exercises to help you get that sexy backside.

1. Squats - this is one of the best exercises to help you increase the size of your butt.  Make sure you have correct form and you squeeze your rear at the top of the lift to activate those hip muscles. You can squat all day long but unless you're really squeezing your buns to move the weight, you won't get the best result.

Though this is a great butt exercise be very careful and limit the amount of repetitions and weight.  Not only do squats help build you buttocks it will also increase your thighs.  Do 2 sets of 20-25 reps 2 per week no more.  If you notice your thighs fitting tighter in your jeans drop them from your workout for a few weeks.

2. Single-legged Romanian Dead lift - I know it sounds like a mouth full but this is one of the best exercises out there for increasing your butt size.  Not only will it help to increase size but also with firming your butt and also the muscles on the back of your thighs.

Again the key here is form and you need to make sure you look straight ahead and balance on one leg. Do 2-3 sets with 5-10 reps per set per leg.

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 Big Buttocks Exercises

Not every woman is born with a nice round butt!  For those of you who are willing to work hard for one, these exercises will get you the sexy buttocks you desire.

3. Lunges - This has to be considered one of the staples for any woman’s workout. Lunges work the hips, thighs, and butt area and can be done in many variations (walking lunges, side lunges, lateral lunges, etc.)  2-3 sets 15 reps each leg per set.

4. Kick backs - Kick backs are another really excellent exercise that will definitely help you get a bigger butt.  This can be done on the floor or standing up.  If you have a gym membership a trainer can show you how to do kick backs with weights.

If you want to do them at home just get on the floor on your hands and knees (just pretend you are learning to crawl). Kick one leg back as if you were trying to hit the ceiling and bring it back to the floor in the starting position. Only do one set of 20 reps per leg.

5. Sprinting/Sprints Yes this is by far the best exercise for getting the nice sexy butt you have always wanted. Don't believe just Google female sprinters and take a look for yourself.  Every wonder why women who run track have some of the nicest butts?  Now you know!

Bigger Butt Exercises Sprinting Workout 

These are my top five exercises (sprinting being #1) for getting a bigger butt and all of them can be done at home and best of all they are free.  They also can be done with or without weights (except for sprints) the choice is up to you, my wife prefers just doing the body weight exercises.

You can also YouTube all the exercises to get videos so you can see how the exercises should be done.

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Some women are looking to firm while others are looking to shape and lift, and then there are women who want a rounder fuller butt while someone else may want a combination of everything.

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The above exercises work just as well and are free; I would just rather give you another option.  It's like working out in the gym, some women can find and maintain workout routines on their own and get results while others need trainers. 

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