Between Thighs – Fat Loss Strategy for Inner Thigh Fat

Friday, May 28th 2010. | Diet & Fat Loss Tips

No matter where I am when weight loss comes up the area between thighs of most women is sure to be a subject of conversion.  Many women are desperately looking for a way to get rid of the inner thigh fat.  Sadly this is not a region that you can just exercise and tone to have the weight disappear.

Don’t just focus on losing your inner thighs!  For the most part that is the last part that anyone will ever see in the first place.  Making sure you are losing weight at a healthy pace and making sure you happy are the two most important pieces of the puzzle.

The Key to Inner Thigh Fat

Inner thigh fat is no different from the rest of the fat on your body.  Ladies the inner fat on your thighs is just like the fat on your belly, arms and back.  It’s an accumulation of excess calories from foods that you ate and where unable to burn off.  In other words you ate more calories than necessary for your body and your body decided to store it as fat.

Why does it Go There?

Well, unfortunately ladies, your bodies were designed to store more fat in your waist, hips and thigh region as oppose to men.  Estrogen causes more fat to be stored in the butt, thighs, and hip area in women during their early years and as you age and estrogen levels decrease and fat stores in the waist.

Simple Facts

The key to losing inner thigh fat is all in your diet and calorie intake.  However you must understand that no matter how you try and no matter what anyone else tells you, there is no way to choose where your body loses fat.  For most of you, the place where you want to lose the fat will probably be that last place that it well  ”look” like you are losing it from.

Stick With It!

Fat loss takes time, effort, patience, and proper dieting.  You can still enjoy the foods you like just be reasonable.  For most women simply cutting back on the calories and exercising will get you the results you are looking for.  The biggest problem is cutting back enough calories that will cause you to actually lose weight.  Believe me for a lot of women it requires eating a lot less then you are currently eating.

Types of Shapes

Hourglass shape: The female body is significantly narrower in the waist in both the front and profile view. The waist is narrower than the chest region due to the breasts, and narrower than the hip region due to the width of your bum.(hourglass shapes are considered the most attractive)

Apple: The stomach region is wider than the hip section.

Pear or bell: The hip section is wider than the upper body.

Banana: The hip, waist, and shoulder sections are relatively similar.

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